Product Specification Declaration
Any products supplied with a written specification or verbally given has to be considered as technical information only for it is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given. Any given information does not release the customer from making their own controls and checks upon receipt of the product. In view of the great variety of possible applications, no assurance is given of the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. Furthermore, since Salt Express Ltd as a material supplier is unable to exercise any control over the use of the products, including designing, testing, specifying a compound or product incorporating any of the products, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer who shall assume any consequences thereof, whether direct or indirect, and whatsoever its nature, and the seller makes no warranties in respect thereof. Shelf lives are given as guidance only. Many chemicals will remain as per their certificates of conformity indefinitely if stored properly. Other chemicals are naturally unstable or may react with moisture/air once opened. It is the responsibility of the buyer to understand the nature of the chemicals they are storing and the best practice for storage.